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HWM Web Services was incorporated at Companies House in 2011 as a Private Limited Company. It is based near Brighton, on the south coast of England.

Founder: Mick Turpin

The name "HiWebMan" is a pun on Mick's surname, as there is a chance that he is related to the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin. Mick is originally from Essex, where Dick grew up.

Like Dick, Mick's father is called John Turpin - so wanted Mick to be christened "Richard" but was persuaded not to by Mick's mother. By suggesting Michael as an alternative name, it can be shortened to Mick Turpin.

This theme was suggested to Mick by Jenni Herrett at the Kangaroos Charity for disabled children.

Mick has worked for several different electronics companies including Dowty, Rolls Royce (both Jet Engine and Nuclear Submarine divisions), Ultra, Abstract Hardware Ltd, Siemens, Infineon, and most recently ARM. Mick has also worked for a number of small startup software companies developing state-of-the-art microprocessor verification, the technology behind which is being commercially exploited by OneSpin Solutions.

However, HWM Web Services Ltd is the first company that Mick has founded himself.

Rolls Royce: Prestigious, Historic and British

At the age of 22, Mick was seconded from Dowty's Advanced Development Group to work as a consultant at Rolls Royce in Derby, along with his colleague and friend Steph. They both worked on the Functional Requirements Document of the Trent Engine Controller, which is currently used on aircraft including the Boeing 787 and Airbus 380. Mick still has a copy of the famous book: The jet engine.

Years later, Mick was back Rolls Royce but via a small software startup. Mick provided technical support during an evaluation of a few Formal Equivalency tools by Steve at Rolls Royce. Mick helped win an order for that company to supply those tools for Nuclear Submarine electronics. Enough said.

ARM: An Inspirational British Success Story

ARM is a multi billion pound British success story, well known in the industry but not yet a household name. ARM designs more microprocessors than Intel! Over 90% of the world's mobile phones and tablets are ARM powered, including the iPhone and iPad. Mick established and led the Formal Verification effort at ARM, to use mathematical proofs to verify the microprocessors. Mick was a Principal Verification Engineer at ARM for 6 years, based in Cambridge but also promoting his work at ARM offices in the UK, France, the United States and even Norway!

During Mick's time at ARM, he was also Chairman of the international Accellera Technical Committee on OVL. The OVL User Group website, was the first website Mick ever created, but he has plans to improve it in 2012.

After the Kangaroos Charity recently lost funding from Children In Need for its PALS group of 6-12 year old disabled children, Mick asked ARM to donate and they very kindly gave £1,000 to Kangaroos. HiWebMan is still a very small company compared to ARM, but plans to match ARM's generous donation.

Award Winning Technical Papers

Mick has written two papers on Verilog (an electronic design language, similar to C or PHP) for the Synopsys User Group (SNUG) conferences in Boston, and won awards for both.

SNUG 2003 SNUG 2005
TitleThe Dangers of Living with an X
- Bugs hidden in your Verilog
Solving Verilog X-Issues by Sequentially Comparing a Design with itself.
- You'll never trust unix diff again!
Paper PDF
The Dangers of Living with an X
Sequentially Comparing a Design with Itself
AwardTechnical Committee Award
- Best Paper
Audience Award (3rd Place)
- Best Presentation

You can also find these papers, and a profile of Mick, by searching for: researchgate mike turpin

The first paper described the problem and how to avoid it, but the second paper introduced an invented technique to detect any issues. Despite being put in a small auditorium for the 2nd paper (on formal verification), Mick is proud to have been voted 3rd place by the audience (1st and 2nd place presentations were in an auditorium of twice the size, along with many others).

Mick Turpin

From Brunel University, Mick has been awarded:

However, Mick does not see the need to put that on his business card.

Mick Turpin Mick Turpin

Mick has no career ambitions whatsoever, and values his personal reputation and freedom far more than money. Mick is Technical Director of HiWebMan, but only acting CEO.

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