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A few of HWM's customers are listed below, with some features highlighted in each case.

Heritage Travel


Heritage Travel coaches have become a familiar sight on the highways and byways of both mainland Britain and Continental Europe. Still a family run business, Heritage Travel has achieved an un-paralleled level of customer service and satisfaction that makes them one of the foremost operators of group travel in South East England.

The website has a bespoke Calendar and route planner to help customers find out what trips are available. The next step will be to put up an online booking system, so that customers can book online and even choose which seats on the coach they want (using a booking form that is a plan view of the seat layout).

A lot of HWM's work for Heritage was to get the website back up and running after the previous website company went bankrupt and were not even answering calls. HWM also spent a lot of time convincing the website host to give back the 33 domain names belonging to Heritage, which were registered with the bankrupt website company.


theSussexBus is a local INDEPENDENT bus operator, employing local friendly people who know Sussex and have a passion for driving buses.


Announcements and road closures are shown on a scrolling image of a bus top board.

Health Ability

Health-Ability is a new signposting and information website for people with physical and mental disabilities.

Health Ability

Websites, Videos, etc are grouped into those local to Sussex and those in the rest of the UK or world.

FFC: Fraud Free Charity


The FFC is a voluntary organisation dedicated to exposing financial irregularities inside Charities, to avoid Internal Charity Fraud by Managers and Trustees. The Fraud Examples section of the FFC website shows that such fraud is, unfortunately, commonplace.

HiWebMan has developed the website for free, including designing the logo. HiWebMan is currently working with the FFC on data mining techniques to automatically detect Charities at high risk of fraud.